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Spicy Raw Marinated Crab

This dish shook up the internet for quite some time in the past year… “YOU CAN EAT CRAB RAW?” I remember casually posting this dish when my mom made it for me on my birthday (as she does every year) and being met with so much curiosity.

This recipe is so tasty, beyond what words can describe… that I almost want to keep it for myself. I think it’s too late for that though as every video I posted about this dish might now officially cumulate to almost 100M+ views. So without further ado, here’s the recipe for Mama Kim’s spicy raw marinated crab!

Shall we get started?

Ingredients: (Per pack of crab 1.2lb)

Prepping the Frozen Crab:

  • 1. Thaw and rinse the crab. It’s important not to touch the crab too much or else it will flatten, ruining the overall experience!
  • 2. Drain FULLY. This is so important because you don’t want any excess water to mix with the sauce later.
  • 3. Cut the ends of the legs. (You can cut the claws off too if you know you won’t be eating them.)

Making the Marinade:

  • 4. Add sugar, chili pepper flakes, fish sauce, sesame oil, minced garlic, sesame seeds, and black pepper into a bowl 
  • 5. Mix thoroughly until you achieve a cohesive paste-like texture
  • 6. Lay out the crab into a container (1 layer at a time) and coat each crab with the marinade. Again, it’s crucial for you to not touch the crab too much so that it can keep its shape.
  • 7. Once thoroughly coated, let the crab marinade in the fridge for 3-5 hours at the minimum. Try to finish the batch within 3 days. Throw it in a soup or your ramen once it’s passed the ideal consumption date!
  • 8. ENJOY~

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