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Honey Garlic Recipe

As the winter draws near, honey garlic yet again sweeps up the internet’s attention as a classic at-home remedy. For as long as I can remember, mama fed me a spoonful of this honey garlic EVERY SINGLE DAY during the winter to keep my immunity nice & strong. Both garlic and honey are high in antioxidant compounds and so they can help balance your immune system and prevent illness!

I have seen & heard others make honey garlic using RAW garlic but in our opinion, it’s much harder to consume in spoonfuls when it’s raw. We like to cook it but it’s up to you at the end of the day!

@hoemgirl one spoonful a day keeps the doctor away 😛 #honeygarlic ♬ original sound - Sarah 호정 Kim

Shall we get started?

Ingredients: (service size: you can decide how big of a batch you want to make)

How to Make:

  • 1. Prep your garlic by giving it a thorough rinse & cut off the tips/ends of each clove.
  • 2. You can steam the garlic either on the stove top or by using an instant pot.
    a. Stove-top: steam for 15-20min (give the garlic a poke to see if it’s cooked through)
    b. Instant Pot: setting – steam, 2-3min
    c. *remember, the cooking time depends on how much garlic you have!
  • 3. Once the garlic is finished cooking, pour it into a glass jar
  • 4. Begin to fill up the jar with honey until all the garlic is well covered
  • 5. Leave the jar out for 24 hours on the countertop and then refrigerate
  • 6. For storage, keep refrigerate

Now so many questions are often asked whenever I post on my socials… so let’s address them all here!

Q: How long does it keep in the fridge?
A: Because honey is antibacterial, we’ve never had an issue of it going bad in the past. However Google does recommend a 12 month shelf life! We end up finishing our jar within a month or so haha..

Q: How do I consume?
A: We like to just take a spoonful of honey & garlic every morning. Some people can get creative by adding it to their food or tea!

Q: Can you make it with raw garlic?
A: It seems like alot of people do it that way too! We think it’s too hard to consume by the spoonful & cook our garlic. Again, it’s all up to you.

Happy Winter Season! Stay healthy y’all~

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